Sustainability is the key goal of Khaolak Merlin Resort. We believe it is our mission to grow sustainably as a business and also protect our environment. As such we are committed to reduce the impact we have on the environment and give back to nature as much as we can.


Water is the most important resource in the rainforest. All our wastewater undergoes an extensive treatment process using purely organic filtration and cleansing systems. The treated water is reused to water the plants and fill the streams in the resort. We are sure that our water is clean because many species of freshwater fish flourish in the canals around the resort. Our garden is huge and by reusing the water, we save many gallons of water and reduce our impact on the environment. Moreover, when the water runs off from the soil to the sea, we are sure that it is clean and have no chemicals that could contaminate the sea.


We reduce energy consumption by at least 3% annually. We make energy saving investments; buying energy efficient equipment, placing energy-efficient lighting around the hotels and turning off all unnecessary lights.


We minimize pollution through reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste. Our landfill waste is separated into types and kept in the trash sorting area, where local waste management companies can collect them and recycle the waste, lowering the impact to the environment. For organic waste, we either send them off to become pig feed in local farms or use them as organic matter in our own compost pits. The nutrient-rich compost is then used to fertilize our garden. Plastic waste is now a big problem because it takes a long time for them to decompose. We take active steps to reduce our plastic waste by choosing alternative materials, such as biodegradable straws, or reduce single-use containers. We also give out cloth bags to the staff and encourage them to be mindful of the impact of plastic bags