The Garden

We pride ourselves on cultivating one of the best tropical gardens in Thailand. We took great care to preserve the original jungle environment of Khaolak and created our own freshwater spring and canals to water our garden and fertilize them with the resort’s own compost.

Our garden is home to hundreds of plant species, many of which could only be found in Southern Thailand. Some of our towering trees are over 100 years old, including the signature Giraffe Banyan tree in front of the beach. You will also find vulnerable species such as golden teak and Siamese rosewood. To truly appreciate our garden, we recommend you take a walk under the shades of ancient trees and admire the many colours of our orchids.

Our Pools

Merlin Spa

Our spa products are made from carefully selected natural material. Experience our luxurious body or facial treatments in a private room, or traditional Thai massage in the open-air pavilion surrounded by nature. You will be totally refreshed and relaxed.

The spa is open daily between 10:00 am and 07:00 pm